Our Solution

Across the US, jails exceed their operating budgets by millions of dollars every year. If your jail is in a similar situation, Jail Advertising Network offers a solution through our advertising signboard program. Our program sells advertising to bail bond agencies and attorneys operating in your area and donates a significant portion of the proceeds back to your facility.

How the Program Works:

  • We search local directories and work with jail staff to compile an accurate list of bail agents and criminal defense attorneys; we verify the license status and trade names through the Department of Insurance and contact those who qualify for placement on our signboards.
  • We sell advertising slots on our signboards and maintain an up-to-date bail agent listing by renewing the boards every six months. Signboard ad placement is determined through random drawings that are completely impartial.
  • Once the drawing is complete, the signboard is designed and produced for display at your local jail. The signboard is updated with new ads every six months and new boards are sent to the jail at that time. All our jail partners have to do is install the new boards at pre-set renewal dates.
  • Every six months, we give part of the proceeds from the sale of our signboard advertising to our jail partners to be used in the best way possible to overcome your funding deficits.

Our Commitment to Fairness and Quality

Jail Advertising Network has developed a web based “Random Ad Placement Program” which allows prospective advertisers to enter into an online drawing for their locations on the signboards. This can be done conveniently from their homes or offices. The randomness of the selection program guarantees an impartial and fair design of the board. This feature is supported by a computer generated algorithm that cannot be manipulated by our organization or any other participants/stakeholders.
Jail Advertising Network provides $2M in personal injury and property damage insurance endorsement covering the use of our signboards at NO COST to the jail facility as part of our contract. We also include a $1M errors and omissions policy.

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