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Rhetoric on California bail reform fails to address problems

We heard a lot about bail reform this year in California with the companion bills, Assembly Bill 42 and Senate Bill 10 (The California Money Bail Reform Act of 2017). The rush to judgment and pressure to change the system in a swift and dramatic fashion based on national class-warfare rhetoric obscures the true picture of the problems ... and real solutions.

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New Texas group opposes bipartisan efforts to end cash bail

A new Texas nonprofit promoting crime victims' rights is opposing bipartisan efforts to end cash bail systems that have gained traction around the country — hitting back at one of the few issues that unified powerful advocates on both the right and left.

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Bail Reform Has Cost $100,000 In Overtime: Howell Police Chief

The chief commented in response to articles written about the impact of the bail reform act on the township's court system. The bail reform act that went into effect Jan. 1 has cost the Howell Township Police Department an extra $100,000 in overtime, Howell's police...

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Harris County Bail System is Constitutional

Late last week, Former U.S. Solicitor General Paul D. Clement filed an amicus brief in the pending case O'Donnell v. Harris County, Texas, et. al, where a group of Plaintiffs’ lawyers have filed another copy-cat bail lawsuit, this time challenging the...

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Does the Current Bail System Penalize the Poor?

Not really, suggests the president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys. She warns that if the Obama Administration's recent call for the abolition of fixed bail schedules were adopted, the consequences for California’s justice system would be...

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Kings County sheriff exposes ‘political half-truths’ on California bail costs

To avoid measuring the true cost of eliminating California’s bail system, two officials amended their legislation, Senate Bill 10 and pushed the date when the legislation would go into effect until Jan. 1, 2020.

Clearly, this is a misleading maneuver by State Sen. Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, and Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, to hide the fiscal impact to our county and local government agencies and to their fellow members of the Legislature, who are being asked to vote for this legislation...

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Customer Testimonials

Jail Facility – Kristie Meeks

“...due to overcrowding concerns, the bond information, being readily available in as many intake areas as possible, has provided more immediate answers to questions that arrestees may have. The officers all feel this makes things easier for people to secure their release, cuts down on confusion and lengthy waits for answers to questions...

Advertiser – Jim Comacho

“Yes, the [JAN] Jail Signboards have made a big difference in having a fair advantage for bail bond agents. Your service has eliminated the favoritism and politics found in some jail facilities. I am fortunate to be included in the Jail Signboard program.” Jimmy Camacho 1st...

Jail Facility – Laura Flowers

“We have been working with the Jail Signboard program for many years and have been quite happy with the product and service. It is an easy and simple program (we are a small agency) and the revenue is wonderful. Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network) is a fair...

Jail Facility – Lt. Gregg Clifton

“Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department is pleased to partner with Partners for a Safer America (Jail Advertising Network), who provides professional looking bail bond agency board advertisements for all of our jail facilities. This service is free to us and provides a great...

Jail Facility – Paul Alexander

"...we have seen a 22% increase in bonds (inmates bonded out) and roughly a 35-40% increase in bond calls / inquiries – your program sincerely works….Hopefully this type of feed-back will be instrumental in recruiting new bond companies to subscribe to your service and...

Advertiser – Chris Castro

“I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent job you are doing with the Jail Signboard advertising program. Your program is a safe, cost-efficient way for licensed bail bond agents to advertise directly to our target audience while giving the inmate audience a...

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